Ann Daramola

Is Thinking Out Loud

Month: July 2020

No More Allies. Intercessory Organizers to the Front Please

Growing up in the church, we had this thing called “intercessory prayer.” I was fascinated by the idea of “standing in the gap” for people who, for whatever reason, did not have enough power to move power. That’s something beyond allyship. I don’t know if there’s an English word that fully captures what it feels

Our Responsibilities as Citizens and Residents of Violent Empires

Empires will, as empires have, weaponize every thing they touch to maintain power. Every. Thing. Including you. The ability to look at a true thing, to hold it and proclaim it, is a power not many people with empire’s privileges have and our responsibilities as residents and citizens of a violent empire is to seek,

Save Yourself the Stress and Keep People at the Center of Their Stories

People responding to structural and systemic designs with personal opinions, or worse, prescriptive “solutions” that do not hold systems accountable, are exhausting. We are trying to design a new world order here. Fix up! I mean, I get it. It is humbling? frustrating? depressing? to realize that your personal experiences are part of many, many