About ann

Ann Daramola

ann daramola's canvas is the world wide web, and her tools are pixels, code, words, and design all of which she uses to create and amplify stories of the tenacious brilliance of Black Africans and everyone who loves them. She occupies the dynamic intersections of technology, rhetoric, spirituality, and commerce.

Over her 15-year career in tech, she has worked for ecommerce and media brands, including The Walt Disney Company, Nutribullet, Glossier, Bandier, and more. She has engineered multi-level ecommerce architecture with tools like Shopify, Magento, and even WooCommerce. Fun times!

Currently, she is building PARIWO, a story-based social network that helps people build power through their stories.

As a software engineer, she helps large, mid-sized, and startup corporations manage complex ecommerce integrations.

As a business owner she helps small and mid-sized organizations navigate the technical demands of the web and other digital platforms.

As a community organizer she advocates for Black tech workers and helps community-based organizations leverage their digital footprints to amplify their frameworks of change.

As a curator, she edits digital magazines dedicated to Black African stories in The Africas and throughout the Black Diasporas.

As an entrepreneur, she designs, develops, and distributes story-telling platforms for marginalized voices.

And, as a writer and thinker, she publishes essays and newsletters on spirituality, politics, astronomy, and more.