Black Like Power; Power Like People

You know what's missing amidst all these performances from white owned institutions?


And you know what? These institutions will not relinquish power. We will have to seize it.

Because at the end of this day, Black people in white empires are still overwhelming stripped of institutional power. This can't be fixed in a week, or a month, or by trending hashtags, videos, apologies. This will take years of organizing building on years of organizing.

So if you're Black and you have not joined the local Black organizers in your city, now is the time to get into it. Now is that time to start studying the history of Black liberation movements in the Americas, in the Caribbean, in the Africas, in the UK, and all over the world.

Now is the time to get politically radical about your existence as a Black person in an empire that was built and is sustained by Black and Indigenous labor. Now is the time to map the routes that connect the struggles for liberation in the Americas to the struggles for liberation in lands suffering from the violence of colonialism.

If you're Black and you are working within any white institution, you need to be reading radical work by Black labor organizers and making sure you are deeply rooted in the network of Black, radical political work that has been pulling empire towards a radical future from day one.

Now is the time to learn, to read, to agitate, to educate, and organize to take power.

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